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Every year our team of Environmental Experts work with several of the largest Oil & Gas Operators in Norway. The Operators in the Oil industry need to deliver reports for the authorities related to […]
NEMS AS have signed a contract for the full NEMS Software Suite with OKEA, one of the latest Norwegian operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.  
NEMS has existed in many forms. In the beginning back in 1986 our company was known as Novatech. In 2008 we became a part of the Add Energy Group and our name was add novatech. As of the 24th of […]
NEMS has secured a 3-year contract with Neptune Energy for the provision of their environmental management software solutions, NEMS Accounter and NEMS Panorama. The contract will provide the […]
NEMS has secured a 5+2 years agreement with Epim (Exploration & Production Information Management Association) for operating EnvironmentHub, the official environmental reporting portal for all […]
NEMS has secured work with three operators in the North Sea for access to our Environmental Reporting and Management Software, NEMS Accounter.
As of June 2017 our environmental and HSE solutions NEMS Accounter and NEMS Panorama will be hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). For our European clients the data will be stored in AWS region […]
Offshore oil and gas production leads to direct emissions of natural gas in the form of methane and NMVOC (Non Methane Volatile Organic Compounds) from several emission sources. Direct […]
On behalf of Energi Norge NEMS have done a study on the potential use of power from shore for the fields Johan Sverdrup, Edvard Grieg, Ivar Aasen and Gina Krog.

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