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OKEA have signed new contract for NEMS environmental software suite

NEMS AS have signed a contract for the full NEMS Software Suite with OKEA, one of the latest Norwegian operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.  

NEMS provides environmental software solutions globally and to most of the Oil & Gas operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, a region known for having one of the strictest environmental regulations in the world.

“In NEMS we are always striving to reinvent ourselves, curiously challenging the domain of environmental compliance.  We are excited to see that NEMS is recognized as a vital and proven solution to assist in environmental compliance for even the most innovative companies in the North Sea.” says NEMS CEO Tom Dagstad.

“OKEA is part of a new generation of agile Oil & Gas operators that have emerged in the wake of the downturn period of the last years. We look forward to collaborate and create value together with OKEA, as we move forward into the next phase of implementation.” Christer Bjørnø-Husa Sales and Marketing Director of NEMS AS adds.

Bodil Alteren HSE Manager OKEA, “At OKEA environmental impact and emissions control is key for a sustainable and safe platform operation. We believe that NEMS Suite which was already operating as a part of Draugen under Shell, will be the best solution for us.”

NEMS AS former add novatech is a Norwegian Software company who have been actively helping the Oil & Gas industry since 1986. NEMS provides a range of Software solutions that form the NEMS Suite, that enables Oil & Gas Operators to get control over their environmental impact.

NEMS AS is a privately held company fully owned by Vela Software a part of Constellation Software Inc a Canadian company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX). 


OKEA is a development & production company established 2015. Since then OKEA has built a strong organization with a team of experienced people with the ability to innovate. OKEA shall contribute to the value creation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, with cost effective development and operation systems. In June 2018 OKEA acquired Shell’s ownership of Draugen, thus preparing their first offshore operations.

Petro.no (Norwegian): https://petro.no/nyheter/nems-leverer-system-miljorapportering-okea

For more information please contact:

Tom Dagstad
T: 924 43 321

Christer Bjørnø-Husa
Sales and Marketing Director
T: 926 79 179

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