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Electrifying insights on Norwegian Offshore Plattforms

On behalf of Energi Norge NEMS have done a study on the potential use of power from shore for the fields Johan Sverdrup, Edvard Grieg, Ivar Aasen and Gina Krog.

NEMS have identified and calculated potential cost savings based on reduced CO2 emissions.

The findings in this report are significant. NEMS Special Advisor Geir Husdal and CEO Tom Dagstad have outlined a potential new cost efficient solution. Allowing Operators to re-think the traditional approach of using turbines for covering energy demand on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Power from shore proves to be a viable option for reducing GHG footprint on several of the new projects on Utsirahøyden.

You can read the report in its entirety here. (Please note report is in Norwegian).

Also be sure to check out our previous report made on behalf of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate here.



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