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The name has changed, but the people are the same

NEMS has existed in many forms. In the beginning back in 1986 our company was known as Novatech. In 2008 we became a part of the Add Energy Group and our name was add novatech. As of the 24th of September 2018, NEMS AS is owned by Vela Software a part of Constellation Software Inc a Canadian company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX). Even though our name has changed, the people have not. We see our clients’ needs are changing. We see the industry is changing. We see the world is changing. And our aim is to be one step ahead.

We are proud to announce that we are now taking the first steps as NEMS AS. Why NEMS? Over the years NEMS has become a more software driven company. With the aim of getting the competency of our environmental advisors inside your organization. We believe that we can help many more companies across the globe, with the know-how and insight our team has built up since 1986, through our software than with our resources. Simply because we are not enough people. Most of our clients have been referring to us and our products as NEMS indiscriminately the last years. So, to make it simpler for our clients and more consistent with our recognition in the marketplace we will be known as NEMS. NEMS the company and as NEMS the software suite.

One of the biggest changes in the time ahead is that you will hear more from us, in social media, in conferences and anywhere we can make a positive environmental impact. We will also be changing our homepage from nems.no to www.n-ems.com. This is to further establish our presence in the global marketplace.

We are an environmental management company and our aim is to help our clients reduce their emissions. We care about the environment and we also focus on our client’s success. We are curious on how to improve and innovate our solutions to help our clients become even better. We will continue to challenge the market for better ways to work within our domain.

Some things won’t change. We will still help our clients be compliant and within target on their environmental emissions. We will still help companies collaborate on secure chemical documentation. We will still help the industry report emissions to the authorities. And we will still provide emissions studies, papers and insights to our clients. Our new slogan represents this in a great way.

NEMS – Compliant By NatureTM.

For any questions or if you are simply interested in learning more about our software solutions.

Please reach out to us for a conversation.


Tom Dagstad

Managing Director

T: + 47 924 43 321


Christer Bjørnø-Husa

Sales and Marketing Director

T: + 47 926 79 179

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