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Cold Venting and Fugitive Emissions – a NEMS study

Offshore oil and gas production leads to direct emissions of natural gas in the form of methane and NMVOC (Non Methane Volatile Organic Compounds) from several emission sources. Direct emissions through cold venting and fugitive emissions are a major contributor to such emissions.

The Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA) engaged NEMS to improve the knowledge of direct emissions of Methane and NMVOC on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 68 installations were part of the study.

The outcome resulted in the most comprehensive study of Methane and NMVOC emissions offshore to date. The report covers an updated mapping of sources leading to such emissions.

NEMS is proud to collaborate with Oil and Gas Operators and NEA in this very important study. This resulted in important new insights in the environmental emissions field. Enabling operators to quantify and report their emissions in a more correct manner, while NEA gets a more accurate picture.

Want to read the study? Take a look at it on NEA´s webpage.

Want to learn how we help our Operator clients gain overview and control over their Methane and NMVOC emissions take a look at NEMS Accounter.

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