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UK Forum 1 - Minutes of Meeting

ukforumMinutes of Meeting – NEMS UK Forum 16th of June 2022



Massoura, Tina (Apache)

Strachan, Emma (Apache)

Kerr, Juliana (BP)

Nickson, Ross (BP)

Garron Owen (Neptune)

Kidd, Megan (TotalEnergies, TEPUK)

Bjørnø-Husa, Christer (NEMS)

Granheim, Jarle (NEMS)

Osenbroch, Lene (NEMS)


It was a great pleasure to finally meet our UK clients face to face again and have them participate in our first NEMS UK Forum. Unfortunately, not all were able to be present. We also invited other operators who don’t use NEMS; however, none were able to come due to vacation and other reasons.

The meeting gave many of our users the first chance to meet face to face externally with other operators for the first time since COVID. Allowing them to talk with NEMS as well as with each other. The mood in the room was very positive. With many great ideas, opportunities that were identified, and good laughs. None of it possible without the discussions between the teams from the various operators who were present in the room. The benefit of the NEMS forum is that it allows the members to meet in a setting with a looser agenda. This enables them to bring up action items related to both domain and NEMS, which is usually not a topic in their other interactions with each other.

NEMS has the idea of ridding our clients of as many spreadsheets as possible and ensuring a single source of truth for all environmental data. We wish to reduce the risk and increase transparency and control for your environmental team. The UK forum is part of this effort.

Overview of MoM:

  • Why UK Forum
  • NEMS Updates
  • New Partnership
  • UK Operators inputs


Why UK Forum?

As NEMS has grown its presence in the UK over the last couple of years, we want to establish a closer relationship and understanding with and of our clients in the UK/Aberdeen area. The idea of the forum is to update our clients on updates of  NEMS products and services and to exchange ideas, plans, and experiences with their fellow users.

Another key focus for NEMS is shifting to a design thinking/co-creation approach for the organization. This methodology is meant to guide us in how we design the user experience and develop our solutions and functionality based on the insights gathered from our users and their experiences. NEMS has always collaborated closely with clients, but by introducing this methodology, we believe we will be even more successful in bringing the best experience to our clients and users.

A significant change with our UK clients moving forward is the introduction of named Key Account Managers(KAM). KAMs will enable the users to have a single point of contact within NEMS who follows them more closely and is familiar with their unique needs & situation.

This will be in addition to our current support offering.


NEMS Updates


Waste Heat Recovery Unit – NEMS is currently in the middle of researching and gathering insights for the development of WHRU reporting functionality for ETS reporting, closely collaborating with BP. We will initially be looking at WHRU data from PDMS via metered data; however, we are also looking at how to approach the units without meters. We wish to interview and discuss more about this with some of the operators over the summer to ensure we have a complete overview of their needs.

Optimizing further for UK needs – This fall, we will be focusing on bringing all the data related to UK-specific data in NEMS Accounter into our analytics engine. This has been a limited set of data streams, but we will be ensuring that UK clients get everything available in analytics moving forward.

Automated EEMS reporting is in place and is continuously tested, so we recommend all our UK clients use this.

Use NEMS for verification - As one user from BP put it: “Nirvana would be for the verifiers to go into NEMS and find information.” TEPUK is already using NEMS Accounter as their primary system for verifiers. This is due to the IaaS (Integration as a Service) that provides them with transparency from emissions point via PI all the way to Reporting. As TEPUK said in the meeting, “With Integration as a Service, we were able to remove our black box and gain transparency, control, and trust in the data.”  

NEMS will be removing support for our old integration API over the next 12 months to reduce our maintenance overhead. We will focus our efforts on migrating all our existing clients over to IaaS.

NEMS Panorama has received a lot of new functionality over the past couple of years. The system is now a robust, customizable reporting solution for ESG or any, and we mean any other reporting need. The system is also set up for Equity Share reporting between NEMS clients, so if you are a client or wish someone to share Equity data with, get in touch with us, and we can get you started. We will also be implementing tracking and scenario tools within Panorama soon, so stay tuned.


New Partnership

NEMS has partnered with Schlumberger End to End Emissions Solutions, and we are their preferred environmental reporting partner globally. NEMS will be performing Baseline emission studies on behalf of Schlumberger for some of their clients and providing data into their solutions from NEMS. Schlumberger will also be offering NEMS products globally.


UK Operators Input

The representatives of the present operators had many exciting inputs and ideas but also shared positive feedback on how the system was providing them with peace of mind, increased efficiency, and improved processes.

There were a few items that were brought to NEMS attention:

IRS reporting via EEMS – a wish that NEMS can pull IRS data from EEMS. This is something we will look further into, what opportunities we have to pull data.

Improved Chemical tracking  - wishes to see NEMS bring CHARM calculations and UK chemical permit tracking into NEMS solution. NEMS aims to continue dialogue with operators to look at CHARM and permit tracking to see how we can include this in the future. We will set up meetings with various operators to look closer at the process today.

Improved PLONOR chemical limit reporting for aborted activities – Some clients wish to have alerts on all PLONOR usage limits; others want it only for aborted activities. Today all activities are in the same bucket when imported to EEMS. We are looking at various opportunities of approaching this internally. One possibility is utilizing comments inside the system. We will set up a meeting with multiple operators to look at how to best identify a solution that fits all.

Propane Consumption reporting was requested. We will look at how and where this can be implemented.

Subsea Operations – there was an interest in getting data for concrete mattresses and tracking these according to permits. This will also be investigated closer. Please note that this is something that could be input directly into a Panorama report.



NEMS are thrilled to meet all our users and collaborators face to face again. And hope the next time we will see even more faces, including potential users from operators who have yet to start using NEMS.

We were delighted with both the turnout and the outcome of the meeting. The companies’ feedback was that they all experienced it as extremely valuable and useful. And that it gave them both new insight and ideas on how to further utilize NEMS internally.

We will send out a survey to all who were present to get more feedback and learn what we can do to improve the forum even further.

The forum itself is still in its infancy, and we will listen to our users and have them help shape it in the spirit of design thinking. Maybe having forums focusing on specific topics.

We aim to have the UK Forum frequent. At least twice a year. This is one of the things that we will be coming back to. We plan to return in November/December this year for our next forum. So, we hope you will all join us then.


From all of us at NEMS

We wish you all the best and a great Summer!


Best Regards,


Christer Bjørnø-Husa

Sales & Marketing Director


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