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Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring – the power of digital equity share reporting 

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Corporate breathing down your neck? 

Struggling to get your ducks in a row?  

With ESG taking center stage as one of the key drivers of business decisions in upper management, environmental data is becoming paramount. 


However, it is not only your own operated data that is part of your corporate ESG reporting. To ensure transparency of emission from your overall operations, emissions from your partners are also a part of the story now.  

In oil and gas operators have been partnering on licenses, their share of this license is also known as their equity share 

Historically the equity share emissions data has been provided annually, and the process of getting the data has been based on phone calls and emails between environmental advisors across the different companies involved. In some operator licenses, you might have as many as 5 companies involved in the same license. For organizations who have multiple assets with several partners it has been a hazzle to both share the data as well as fetching data. As it has been a very manual process.  

This last year the demand for equity share data has now gone from annual to quarterly, and many organizations are now also looking at a monthly resolution of this data.  

The amount of effort to share and retrieve the data is now becoming so labor intensive and cumbersome that it is causing major headache for the teams involved. 

Based on feedback and partnership with several of the world's leading Oil & Gas companies we have developed a fully digital equity share reporting solution. 

NEMS Panorama Equity Share reporting solution provides the environmental team a fully digital data sharing process that ensures peace of mind and better control for both operators and partners. 

As with all of NEMS reporting processes we try to ensure compliance by ensuring full transparency and traceability. So we track the emissions data all the way from the emission point, via the Production Data Management Systems (PDMS) to the finished report with full audit logs.   

The equity share report itself calculates the correct equity of each partner by looking at the production data, license data and emission intensity from the hub where the asset is located. By standardizing the way, we approach the data we can start comparing apples with apples, rather than apples and oranges. This creates the opportunity for better benchmarking of your operated and partnered assets across the board.  

Because the report itself is automated via our systems, you don´t have to worry about chasing down the data ever again, you will have the latest version of the report every quarter, month or whatever interval you agree on with your partners. Why stress when our system can do the job for you? 

Sound interesting? Get in touch with us today to learn how we can start collaborating on equity share reporting together. 

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