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What's on the Menu? NEMS introduce class leading Integration as a Service offering

So many choices, so many options. What's on the menu?


For many of our clients the thought of integrating with new systems to their existing data platforms is the source of nightmares and sleepless nights. Based on numerous experiences with clients all across Europe we have identified a new approach to integration, based on our existing success with delivering solutions as a Service.

We are pleased to present an new way of integrating with our clients. We call it Integration as a Service or IaaS, to make it short and simple.

To understand why we have landed on our process let's take a look at what's on the menu and how we got there.

The Hamburger - Manual input of data - the hands-on approach

On one hand you could forego integration all together and just focus on manual inputs, however that is risky business. 

Cost is high, because it requires manual input from multiple resources in your organization.
Time consuming and cumbersome for the end users.
Error prone due to human interaction(it's human to make mistakes)
Availability of data is limited, you only get updates when inserted
Conversion of numbers and data from different applications that have different output denominations
Aggregation of data on separate spreadsheets(which contain their own set of risks)
This way of working is not scalable and can reduce the efficiency of your team and most definitely reduce the quality of your data.

The Cheese Burger - Webservice API - the classic approach

Historically this has been THE preferred way of integrating with external solutions. Webservices integrations typically involve the client, the product vendor and a third party integrator.

The data is transported automatically to our solution, but:

Cost is high, because it requires that the customers roll-out a software development project with a third party integrator, to adapt their internal systems data, in order to comply with Import Webservice
Time consuming, needs to involve multiple resources on the customer side, business domain and costly external software development teams
Complexity to transform data from multiple internal systems to comply with webservice
NEMS Historical Import Webservice

NEMS Import Webservice our legacy solution, works as a receptacle of customers data, all-tough clearly better than manual input, it still incur heavy costs and effort on the customers side.

There has to be a better way...

Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers are good, but they are not great... We wanted to deliver something better. A 5 star integration service.

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Royale with Cheese - Integrations as a Service (Iaas) - Futureproof and class leading integration for class leading clients

We have made it so simple to integrate that your IT teams will thank you and your project managers will be forever grateful. Our customers simply have to make the data available as it is and NEMS handles the rest:

Standards, handling from industry standards, such as PDMS systems like OSIsoft© PI, Hydrocarbon Accounting systems, to specific customer software standards

Transfer connects to all major cloud vendors such as Azure, AWS, SFTP, etc.
Push or Pull data of customers into NEMS
Any File Formats from Big Data (Parquet, etc) to CSV.
Monitoring of data is available through a company specific Dashboard and email notifications
Future proof to ensure capture of data from IoT and Big Data sources.



Skjermbilde 2021-10-04 kl. 12.14.27That´s it! So easy. Let's simplify and integrate together!

Do you want to collaborate more closely? Interested in Environmental Reporting Solutions or maybe ESG? Perhaps Scope 1, 2 and 3 is on your radar these days? 

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