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NEMS provides digital Climate Reporting portal to Norwegian Oil & Gas

norog climate

NEMS has been providing services, studies and software solutions to the Norwegian Oil & Gas Association and its members for over 2 decades.

“We are pleased that we have been chosen as the preferred partner to digitize NOROGs annual climate and environmental report. Our aim has been to ensure a simple to use and easy to navigate structure for the report while maintaining a fully branded experience.”

Christer Bjørnø-Husa, Sales & Marketing Director - NEMS AS

With the digital reporting portal users can deep dive into the operator’s environmental data like never before. Gaining access to interactive graphs, tables as well as spreadsheets for further insights. This truly democratizes the Norwegian oil & gas operators’ environmental data to anyone that wishes to further understand or utilize it. The numbers are captured directly from Collabor8 Footprint the Norwegian National Reporting Portal for Environmental Data for the Oil & Gas industry. This ensures transparency and the same source for authorities as well as the public. Collabor8 Footprint is another project that NEMS has developed on behalf of NOROG.

Click here to see the 2021 Climate & Environmental report for the Norwegian Oil & Gas Association (Norwegian)

Click here to view the report in English via google Translate.

The solution and approach that has been chosen enables NOROG to further expand and take editorial ownership of future issues of their annual climate reports.

“We´ve had good help from NEMS in the work of digitizing the report, and this provided us with new opportunities in relation to sharing data. Now interested parties can access and dive even deeper into the environmental numbers easier than ever before.»

Hildegunn T. Blindheim, Director climate and the environment – Norwegian Oil and Gas Association

NEMS is pleased to inform that we will be able to provide similar portal solutions to any operator who wishes to digitize their annual environmental report or wants to highlight their environmental KPIs on their website.

“The NOROG Climate & Environmental Portal and other digital initiatives like it, is another step in NEMS journey in providing solutions that reduce the need of spreadsheets and complex processes. Ensuring easy, transparent access to valuable environmental data insight for all stakeholders. We are excited for our continued collaboration with NOROG and the rest of the industry.”

Tom Dagstad, Managing Director - NEMS AS

Please get in touch with Christer Bjørnø-Husa at NEMS to initiate discussions or questions related to this.

NEMS is a compliance-focused company that has been working with environmental data since 1991. Competitively priced, their environmental management & ESG software is suitable for large and medium-sized companies with complex processes involving energy and emissions. It is currently in use in Australia, Europe, the UK and the US, and is gaining traction in Angola and Ghana as well. NEMS product portfolio consists of NEMS Accounter, NEMS Chemicals, NEMS Panorama, as well as environmental- studies, consultancy and forecasting services.


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