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iNsight by Özlem Yetkinoglu Sobhi
Everything you need to know about HOCNF in 3 minutes HOCNF = Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format a NEMS iNsight by Anette Jæger A HOCNF is a document that tells […]
iNsight by Anette Jæger The sea and oceans are facing a huge challenge with the large amounts of plastics. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has defined microplastics as follows: […]
iNsight by Özlem Yetkinoglu Sobhi. Norway and Sweden are unique, yet also notably alike. They have a common cultural heritage, similar language, scores very high in world happiness index, […]
Every year our team of Environmental Experts work with several of the largest Oil & Gas Operators in Norway. The Operators in the Oil industry need to deliver reports for the authorities related to […]

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