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The Power of One - One data input - Multiple Reporting Outputs


The Power of One - one data input - multiple reporting outputs

Imagine you are shopping, but you are only allowed to shop the ingredients you need specific to one dinner at a time—a world where you could not reuse your previously purchased ingredients in your pantry. Imagine the hassle, stress, and cost of making dinner for you and your family; imagine how devastating it would be if you had to buy seven bottles of olive oil each week.

Why is it then that most of us use one specific set of spreadsheets to generate one type of report and then create another set of spreadsheets to create yet another report, even though many of the numbers are the same?

 At NEMS, we believe in the power of simplicity – the power of compliance – the power of one. We developed our custom reporting solution NEMS Panorama to utilize the power of a single input to output into multiple reporting formats. This reduces the risk of using different period samples for reports that should present a uniform front.

 No reporting process is free from hassle; however, that makes it even more critical to ensure that the quality of your reports is on par, both related to data quality and format.

 NEMS Panorama provides a collaborative reporting approach that provides transparency and workflows by spreading the workload among your team rather than overloading critical group members.

Keep it fresh

Just like it's essential to have the freshest and best combination of ingredients available to make a great dinner. It is equally important to have the most up-to-date and complete data sets to produce excellent reports. Imagine generating multiple reports with a single click of a button; you can save weeks of manual report generation.


NEMS Panorama is perfect for ESG reporting and opens for use with a wide range of other reporting types. The solution supports any reporting type you need, including the setup of all the most used environmental reporting formats, including GRI, IOGP, SASB, OGMP, TCFD, and many more.

 At NEMS, we know reporting and the importance of compliance in reporting.

With today's hybrid office working situation, the importance of having the same access to the same numbers is vital to ensure compliant reports.

 Just like when you make a great dinner, you taste and flavor your dishes with spices and pantry items. Having an excellent spice rack is akin to having a great database of numbers that allows you to build and improve on your reports all the way up to the delivery date.



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