Easy Sustainability reporting Guaranteed

What first comes to mind when you hear ESG?

Probably environmental concerns like climate change and depletion of resources.

However, there is more to ESG than E. Social and corporate governance concerns are equally important elements of ESG reporting. Luckily, these topics are easy to report on. They might be difficult to follow up on, but reporting is easy. You might even have an existing ERP tool that can capture these data for you already.
Environmental reporting aspects are a whole different ball game. Particularly for complex organizations with large environmental footprints. Like oil and gas operators.
The logic behind ERP systems and generic EHS management systems is well suited for capturing social and governance concerns. There are no real complex calculations needed to arrive at these numbers.

Environmental concerns, however, need to comply with the laws of physics. They need to be compliant by nature. It is not easy to ensure transparent reporting of GHG emissions with generic EHS management software. People still think it is possible to get transparent and compliant environmental data from generic one-size-fits-all systems. Stop what you are doing. What you need is a fit-for-purpose software. You need to enable your engineers to succeed, not fill the pockets of management consultants. If you care about ESG, your reputation, and compliance. Ensure that your numbers reflect reality.

That is why our team of engineers and developers have always focused first on getting the physics right. This is why we can claim our SaaS solutions to be Compliant by Nature. When you have the physics right, it´s easy to solve any residual issues regarding legislative reporting. To be honest, few lawmakers are irrational. No laws or regulations will change the laws of physics. The data they need is usually based on a scientific approach. Getting it right in the first place, is the key, being compliant by nature. It´s easy to adapt to any new legislative reporting requirements and check the regulatory compliance boxes.

Do like us. Make sure you understand what´s going on.

Be Compliant by Nature first. Then it´s easy to comply with GRI, IOGP, CDP, or any other national or iinternational reporting requirements you might face.

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